Whether you’re an athlete from Cheyenne, a construction worker living in Burns or a desk jockey from Torrington, you don’t have to continue living with the pain.

Chiropractic Care for Joint Pain and Injury

We provide a variety of therapies and services to treat athletes, construction workers, desk workers who struggle with postural problems, and anyone else suffering from the pain associated with sprains, strains and other injuries.

Rehabilitation and Education

By adapting to your unique problems and educating you about proper rehabilitation, we’ll help to decrease your pain and improve your functional movement. Dr. Tonso explains, “Our focus on rehabilitation and education is what distinguishes us from other chiropractors.”

Natural Healing

Nothing gives us greater joy than helping people heal naturally using chiropractic care, exercises, massage therapy, and supplements as opposed to surgery and drugs.

To learn more about the cause of your problem and whether it can be treated with chiropractic care call Avenues Health Center now: (307) 433-8853.